Where Locallus is located?

Locallus is located at Bangalore ( Head office) and having branches over Hubli-Dharwad.

Since how long Locallus is in the market?

Since 2015 Locallus is in the market.

How can trust Locallus?

As Locallus is registered on the good norms of the state (Karnataka) and having licence to do promotional activities for our clients.

How many of followers Locallus holds?

At present we have around 3000+ followers collide with all social media and increasing day by day.

Is any free services that Locallus offers without charging anything?

Locallus add your business name and city location for general information.

How long Locallus can continue in the market?

As our product and services are entirely different from other vendors , we would be looking into be the top five hundred companies in the market.

Whether Locallus business promotional activities is for local or national level?

At present Locallus would be concentrating on the local market as to create quick business for the vendors and to get quick access for the customers.

How Locallus is different from other business development company?

We at Locallus combine all the features in the market irrespective of online and offline along with job portal , properties portal none of the other competitors has any module of having it under one roof.

LocallusSmart Search , Smart Locality